Wn  Limited


WN Limited has been principally formed for production, merchandising and distribution; globally. Our branded products are designed for personal and national display to embolden the strength, worth, and vivacity of our clients worldwide. Our mission is to design and manufacture quality and unique products to satisfy our customers, with exceptional craft, innovative style and exemplary beauty. We aim to serve our customers with the dignity and pride of our products.

Our Focus

Our values represent our fundamental beliefs and collectively speak to what makes WN Limited distinct from other industry players. They guide our business ethics and attitude towards our customers.       
*Adding Value  *Honesty and Integrity *Value for Money *Customer Satisfaction *Dignity & Pride

> The Jamaican Embassy in Washington D.C.
> The Jamaican Consulate in New York and Miami > Courts Jamaica Limited > Winchester Dental > Grace Kennedy Group     > National Housing Trust     > Wray & Nephew Limited > Azan Super Centre

> Jamaica Cultural Development Corporation (JCDC) 

Our Clients

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